Retro Jumpers book

Published by Hardie Grant Books

Retro Jumpers showcases a collection of wooly wonders in all their bedazzled, shoulder-padded, bat-winged glory. It’s a celebration of chunky cable knits, patterned pieces and novelty op-shop finds. Fetching ensembles are modelled ‘Awkward Family Photos’ style by a bunch of my sassy pals. There's also thrift-shopping tips, dance breaks and jumper-centric retro advertisements for things like video dating and a Sizzler-style family restaurant. I collected the jumpers, directed the photoshoot and designed the book. I also wrote all the copy. Best job ever!


  • simone-bennett-retro-jumpers-sweaters-cover
  • simone-bennett-retro-jumpers-sweaters-three-matching
  • simone-bennett-retro-jumpers-sweaters-business-woman
  • simone-bennett-retro-jumpers-sweaters-writing
  • simone-bennett-retro-jumpers-sweaters-breakdance

Little Deities Exhibition Branding

No Vacancy Gallery

The Little Deities exhibition was held at No Vacancy gallery in Melbourne and involved sixty artists who each converted a standard size doll into a god. I worked with the curator to create a logo and suite of printed materials including a flyer, posters, price list and press release. I also designed a website to accompany the exhibition which displayed work by all sixty artists and included a blog where previews of the artwork and artist interviews were shared leading up to the event. Opening night attracted a huge crowd.


  • simone-bennett-little-deities-logo-2016
  • simone-bennett-little-deities-web1-2016
  • simone-bennett-little-deities-web2-2016
  • simone-bennett-little-deities-web3-2016
  • simone-bennett-little-deities-print-design-2016
  • drew-evans-andy-issac-2016
  • simone-bennett-little-deities-daniel-atkinson-2016

Animation Portfolio Website

12 field Animation Studio

12field is an animation studio based in Melbourne and Los Angeles. I put together a one page scrollable website which displays their showreel and animation projects. When designing a portfolio site, it’s important to put the project artwork first. I aim to strike a balance between clean, professional design and adding elements that help convey the client’s style and personality. View the live site.


  • simone-bennett-12field-website1-2016
  • simone-bennett-12field-website2-2016
  • simone-bennett-12field-website4-2016
  • simone-bennett-12field-website3-2016
  • simone-bennett-12field-website5-2016

Business Card

Adam Parton - Animator

Adam is an animator working in Los Angeles. He provided me with a black & white character drawing and I built the design around that, adding colour, type and texture.


  • simone-bennett-business-card-diz-2016

Business Card

Megan Nairn - Animator

Megan is also an animator living in LA. She sent me a page of drawings from her sketch book as a starting point. 'Megan totally likes you' is a phrase that suits her friendly and outgoing personality.


  • simone-bennett-business-card-meg-2016

Cycling Strategy Report

Darebin City Council

This 40 page cycling strategy was developed by Darebin City Council with the aim of making cycling easier, safer and more convenient Darebin. I designed the document, drew diagrams and maps, and developed a look which continued over posters and web banners.


  • simone-bennett-darebin-cycling-cover-2016
  • simone-bennett-darebin-cycling-1-2016
  • simone-bennett-darebin-cycling-2-2016
  • simone-bennett-darebin-cycling-3-2016
  • simone-bennett-darebin-cycling-close-2016

Collision Branding

Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics

Collision is an art competition held by the Centre for Particle Physics at the University of Melbourne in partnership with National Science Week and Scienceworks. The competition is fun way to encourage high school students to explore concepts surrounding particle physics – for example, the Higgs Boson, the Large Hadron Collider and dark energy. I was involved in every aspect of the project, from designing the logo to judging entries. I designed the website, flyers, magazine ads, invitations and exhibition program.

The visual theme for 2012 was comic art. I’m pleased to say that this project was shortlisted for the Victorian Premiers Design Awards. The graphics in 2013 used a more sci-fi aesthetic, employing greens, dark greys and custom patterns reminiscent of electric circuitry.


  • simone-bennett-collision-logo-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision-magazine-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision-web-home-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision-web-gallery-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision-web-home2-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-collision13-logo-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision13-squares-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision13-web-home-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision13-web-home2-2016
  • simone-bennett-collision13-web-home3-2016

Website Design

Melbourne School of Design

Melbourne School of Design planned to relaunch their website to make it more future student focused. The purpose of the project was to refresh all content along with the look and feel of the website, but also integrate the design into the existing University of Melbourne website to avoid disconnect.

This design harmonises with the University’s branding and adheres to the University grid format (960 pixels wide and using 16 columns). The design is also responsive. This means that content shifts and resizes effectively when viewing on a smart phone or tablet. To give MSD a unique look I chose new web safe fonts (Droid Sans and Arvo), created a background pattern, designed icons and added subtle textures and shadows to create a tactile feel.


  • simone-bennett-msd-devices2-2016
  • simone-bennett-zoom1-2016
  • simone-bennett-zoom2-2016
  • simone-bennett-zoom3-2016

Various Logos

I love designing logos!

I really enjoy the challenge of researching a company or individual and producing an identity that not only reflects the brand’s personality, but also appeals to the target audience. How the new look will be expanded over print and web applications is also at the front of my mind.


  • simone-bennett-relume-logo2-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-little-deities-logo2-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-hume-whittlesea-logo2-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-isights-logo2-2016-web
  • simone-bennett-pentridge-logo-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-little-peek-logo-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-death-talker-logo-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-collision-logo-2016-new
  • simone-bennett-journey-play-logo-2016-new

Hazelwood – It’s Closing Time

The Greens

Victoria is home to one of the dirtiest power stations in the industrialized world. Hazelwood Power Station is located in the Latrobe Valley and produces 15 percent of Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions. I designed the campaign logo to look like a closing sign that you would find on a shop door. The two illustrations use similar design elements to communicate parallel outcomes – a clean future or a polluted future. These magazine ads helped promote the campaign to close the plant and replace it with cleaner, greener alternatives.


  • simone-bennett-greens-hazelwood-2016_noise

No New Coal

The Greens

When a power company received government backing to build a new coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley, the Greens called for the grant to be withdrawn, and the money made available to renewable energy projects.

It was estimated the new plant would have average emissions of between 0.78 and 0.89 tonnes per megawatt hour. But the average emissions intensity of power stations across wealthy nations is half of this - about 0.45 tonnes of gas per megawatt hour.

To illustrate these troubling figures, I created a graph made from smoke stacks.


  • simone-bennett-greens-nocoal-2016

Undergraduate and Graduate Prospectus

The University of Melbourne

The prospectus is a very important piece of promotional material for the University of Melbourne and plays a key roll in selling courses to prospective students. Both the Undergraduate and Graduate publications cover every aspect of studying at the University of Melbourne. They include an introduction to the University and the city of Melbourne, as well as information on courses, research programs, social clubs, exchange programs and fees.

Both publications ran to over one-hundred pages. I worked with the Publication Coordinator at Melbourne to break up this information and design a document which was easy to navigate and understand. I was given the opportunity to create layouts which had a unique look and feel, while also working with existing style guidelines.


  • simone-bennett-melbourne-prospectus-cover-2016
  • simone-bennett-melbourne-prospectus-spread-2016
  • simone-bennett-melbourne-prospectus-zoom1-2-2016
  • simone-bennett-melbourne-prospectus-zoom2-2-2016
  • simone-bennett-melbourne-prospectus-icons-2016

Annual Report

Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP) was established in 2011 through the award of an Australian Research Council grant. Through the Centre, particle physics research across Australia is coordinated. I had the privilege of designing the first annual report for this organisation. I was given the freedom to design the look of the document, with the only requirement being that I use the existing logo and brand colours yellow and grey. From this starting point I established a visual language consisting of a the grid layout, heading hierarchies, pull quotes, captions, page numbers, section markers, tables and diagrams. I still don’t understand the universe.


  • simone-bennett-coepp-report-cover-2016
  • simone-bennett-coepp-report-spread1-2016
  • simone-bennett-coepp-report-spread2-2016
  • simone-bennett-coepp-report-zoom2-2016

Partnership Brochure

Melbourne School of Business and Economics

This document was sent to businesses around Australia encouraging their participation in the Faculty’s internship and scholarship programs. The spots on the front cover are from the facade of the Faculty’s 5 Green Star rated building and were printed with a spot varnish.


  • simone-bennett-economics-cover-2016
  • simone-bennett-economics-spread2-2016-2
  • simone-bennett-economics-spread1-2016-2

Designer Drug Email

Studio Promotion

Does the pressure of organising promotional materials leave you feeling sweaty and vexed? Not me! The aim of this HTML email campaign was to light-heartedly encourage our clients at the University of Melbourne to send through work in the busy weeks leading up to Open Day. I came up with the idea of a ‘designer drug that really works’, designed the 1950’s style graphics, wrote the copy and put together the HTML using MailChimp.


  • simone-bennett-drugs-front-2016
  • simone-bennett-drugs-back-2016
  • simone-bennett-drugs-email-2016
  • simone-bennett-drugs-zoom1-2016
  • simone-bennett-drugs-zoom2-2016