Food Safety Character Design

Victorian Goverment Department of Health

When I was asked to create an illustrative identity for the Government’s 'Get Serious About Food Safety' campaign, I created a nasty germ character. During summer, warm weather and outdoor celebrations can result in a higher risk of food poisoning. So to avoid running into this bloke, make sure you wash your hands, cook food thoroughly, refrigerate properly and separate raw and cooked ingredients.


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Icon Set

Malthouse Theatre

Suite of vector icons for a Malthouse Theatre re-branding pitch.

From left to right –

Plus One
Best Seats
Great Savings
Time Flexibility
Add Shows
Enter to Win
Our Shout


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Hip Replacement Infographic

Victorian Government Department of Health

Did you know that over 7000 hip replacements are performed in Victoria annually? That’s a lot of people who need information and reassurance. For this project I was given a Word document full of written statistics which had to interpreted and recreated visually. The aim was to communicate facts quickly and in a friendly, unthreatening manner.


  • DoH Infographic Hip Op 5 outline
  • DoH Infographic Hip Op 5 outline
  • DoH Infographic Hip Op 5 outline
  • DoH Infographic Hip Op 5 outline

Birds of Paradise

Personal Project

I drew this birthday card for my partner, Dan. We had been invited to a ‘Noah’s Ark’ party and decided to go as two birds of paradise. We put the costumes together at our local 2 dollar shop. All it took were yellow raincoats, feather boas and Native American headdresses. I think the drawing really looks like us and I’m as proud as a peacock. See photo.


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Developing Children’s Language Skills

Hume City Council

The best way to encourage your child’s speech and language development is to talk together frequently and naturally. These illustrations were created for a series of language workshops held by Hume City Council on different techniques that can be incorporated into everyday activities. Top left to right: bath time, cooking, breakfast, cleaning and getting dressed. Bottom left to right: travelling, shopping, bed time, free play and visiting.


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Wheely Want to Thank You

Personal Project

I illustrated this thank you card for the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Veterinary Science. ‘Wheely’ want to thank you. Get it? I have a rather unhealthy love of dachshunds, though it's a little unfortunate that they are bred in a way that gives them back problems. I think I captured the alert mischievousness of the breed in this disabled dog’s face. Ain’t no spinal injury getting this guy down!


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White Xmas Postcard

Self Promotion

A Christmas card I made to send to clients.


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Living Green

Personal Project

I designed this set of eco-friendly themed illustrations for iStockphoto– a stock photography and illustration website. The file was downloaded frequently around the world, but yielded little financial return. You hear stories of people who submit a photo of a blank post-it note or basket of kittens and make a neat profit, but I think it’s pretty rare.


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Shakespeare Icons

Personal Project

From left to right –

Twelfth Night
Romeo and Juliet
Henry V
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Julius Caesar
Othello, The Moor of Venice


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The Hydrologic Cycle

Cambridge Univeristy Press

I really enjoy creating illustrative diagrams that help people understand a concept quickly. At school I always learnt visually. Often, I would draw my own diagrams when studying from books containing dense blocks of text. It’s so much easier to remember a diagram in the exam.


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Child Protection Characters

Victorian Government Department of Human Services

These illustrations were created to help promote a series of training programs with the aim of educating public servants and social workers to more effectively help children in need. The brief was to create a fun series of illustrations where children and adults interact in a positive way. The simple style was popular and continued to be recommissioned for other projects.


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